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More Quality. More Value. More Time. More Affordable ...

Photo Caption: Eco-Grass South Africa sponsors cycling team with new logo designed jerseys

Outdoor and Indoor Living with Artificial Grass aka Synthetic Grass Turf


Need a synthetic grass turf or lawn alternative to natural grass ? ...

Looking for both lower synthetic grass prices and top quality synthetic grass? 

Unsure which synthetic grass turf or lawn would best suit your needs?

Is more quality, more value, more time, more affordability important for you

Ecograss South Africa may be the company you are looking for ...


What is Ecograss 

Ecograss is a synthetic grass turf alternative to natural grass or lawn. An artificial grass carpet or artificial grass lawn offers you a perfectly well maintained, low maintenance lawn without the need for watering, mowing or fertilizer. Less maintenance results in saving you money and time. The realistic appearance of Ecograss is just the beginning. It is safe for children, animals and pets, at the same time increases the value of your property.


With the rising costs of maintaining natural lawns more people are looking for alternative solutions. 

Ecograss can easily be used as a multi-purpose product in a variety of space sizes and shapes.

All Ecograss types are made from high-quality synthetic grass fibre and is backed by a 2 to 8 year manufacturer's limited warranty.

Our mission is to under promise and over deliver. Our dedication to this mission is our reason that we focus on quality over quantity.

We are ordinary people looking to provide you with extraordinary service and look forward to working with you.

Call us on 083 305 5311 (Johannesburg) or 083 564 0798 (Cape Town)


For our Sporting Enthusiasts and Team-Builders

We have just added System Soccerena another exciting product to our range of sporting products. 

  • The world's most popular portable soccer arena system - with patented connecting technology
  • Easy to set up and dismantle

Ideal for senior & junior soccer programs and social soccer initiatives - the most sold, mobile soccer court worldwide.


 Ecograss South Africa are the sole agents for the Wonstep System Soccerena 


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