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A cut above the rest

Ecograss is a synthetic grass turf alternative to natural grass or lawn. It offers a well maintained, LOW MAINTENANCE SYSTEM without the need for watering, mowing or fertilizer – a money and time saver. It is safe for children and pets and increases the value of your property. More Than Real … Artificial Grass. More Quality. More Value. More Time. More Affordable … We also sell and install high quality MODULAR PLAY SYSTEMS children simply love. It’s custom designed to suit your play area, is UV rated, powder coated and comes with a range of colourful designs. Modular Play Systems are popular in nurseries, schools and homes across the country. We also supply and install ECO OUTDOOR GYM SYSTEMS as the sole distributor for Ziober Brazil. We believe fitness should be accessible to all, regardless of age, gender, ability or financial status. We aim to develop innovative outdoor gym products which results in improved health, social inclusion and fun for everyone. We have products for the Elderly, Kiddies, for those in Wheelchairs and Youth and Adults. Ecograss has become a major player and the favorite and preferred Supplier and Installer by clients as we supply superior quality and affordable ecofriendly artificial grass.  – Established 2014. Apart from also supplying and installing of the named Modular play systems and Outdoor Play & Gym Equipment, we also supply and install Play area safety surfacing for schools, nursery schools and crèches, Sports surfacing including 5-a-side, multi sport areas, tennis courts, football pitches, golf, putt-putt and mini golf surfaces. Eco Grass currently operates in the Greater Johannesburg, Tswane, Vaal Triangle and North West areas. We supply and install the widest range of artificial turf in South Africa. From Superior to premium and DIY.


Ecograss joins forces with ARS Grass & ARS Sport to bring you a new experience !

Artificial grass for domestic and commercial use

Adding value to your garden can be an expensive exercise and therefore Eco Grass believes in improving your green space with our artificial grass without burning a hole in your pocket. Ecograss South Africa is the official agent and installer for ARS Grass & ARS Sport, a superior brand of artificial lawns manufactured in Europe.  ARS Grass & ARS Sport has completed stringent testing to ensure that their products are child and pet friendly.  We give a 5 year UV warranty on all ARS Grass & ARS Sport products.  Our products are soft to the touch, look just like a healthy lawn and don’t require weeding, mowing and fertilisers. There are many reasons to choose artificial grass for your lawn: allergies, dust control, general appearance and improving the value of your home.  Living in a complex where you have a tiny patch of grass, why waste space on keeping a lawnmower or strimmer?

And that is not even mentioning the noise, dust and allergies that result from mowing a lawn. Why get a sunburn when you could easily own the best looking, luxurious lawn with no effort. Many of our clients find that installing our artificial grass allows them to use their gardens more than they would: from the apartment owner who wants to green a small space on a balcony to home owners with large trees who have tried everything they could think of to grow ground cover under their favourite shade tree. Chlorinated or salt water from your swimming pool won’t result in yellow patches on your lawn and you won’t have to put up with that dry, yellow, patchy grass during the dry season.

Artificial grass for schools

Every parent knows that schools have to raise money to meet their budgets. One of the biggest, most costly items on their spreadsheets must be lawn care and maintenance. At first glance, artificial grass may appear to be a costly alternative to natural grass, but let’s look at the benefits: Artificial grass is always green, creates a continuous playing surface for a number of sports and doesn’t require much maintenance. It is hypoallergenic and doesn’t require the use of dangerous chemical fertilisers – and the water requirement for artificial grass is almost nothing.

For sports use

Many sport facilities have realised the benefits of using synthetic grass or artificial turf. It creates a friendly playing surface for high performance athletes. The economy of using AstroTurf far outweigh the cost of installation. Advanced fibre technology has led to a range of different products that meet and exceed the demands of any sport: from dense, smooth mats for putting greens to grass that closely mimics a lush, green natural lawn for sports such as hockey and soccer. FIFA guide-lines suggest that football fields be sprinkled lightly to cool the artificial grass before games to prevent friction burns to players legs when sliding on the surface.

Is sitting down the new smoking?

If you have young children, have you ever considered whether your kids spend too much time sitting down? Many recently published articles claim that “Sitting down is the new smoking”. This does seem a little extreme to us, but we are aware that it makes sense that spending too much time sitting down can increase a number of health risks. Young children need to run around and play to improve their spacial awareness and physical abilities to develop to their full potential. We don’t think that your little darling is going to be a soccer star or cricket pro if they spend all their time on the couch. When was the last time you had a look at your garden? Maybe junior is put off by the patchy lawn, or the hard patches of dirt under the tree where nothing ever grows.

With more than 8 years in the leisure grass industry, Eco Grass is highly confident in the quality of its products. That is why we offer a warranty which covers discoloration and UV degradation of the fibers. Depending on the intensity of the sun at a specific installation location in South Africa and Africa, the UV warranty can be for a period from 3, 5 to 8 years and the factory warrantee from the manufacturer is 5 years.

The artificial turf from Ecograss produced in Turkey – our ARS Range as well as in China – Our Leisure Range, where the strictest rules apply. Our lawns are guaranteed to be safe for both kids, pets and the environment. There are no heavy metals such as lead or other environmentally unfriendly substances found in our plastic, nor do we use them in our production process. Depending on the type of grass and the quality thereof and whether the grass is maintained properly, it will last for many years. Under normal circumstances artificial turf can last up to 10-15 years, making it a sustainable solution for your garden lawn. When Ecograss started with imitation grass, the original use was intended for gardens, public parks, roof terraces, balconies and other landscapes. It was our aim to supply artificial grass that looks and feel as nice and soft as natural grass. It should be almost impossible to tell the difference.

In 2014, Ecograss was established and started supplying and installing alternative grass solutions. Its original use was intended for gardens, public parks, roof terraces, balconies and other landscapes. It was our aim to make our artificial grass look and feel as nice and soft as natural grass. It should be almost impossible to tell the difference.


  • Specially selected raw materials of the highest quality. The materials had already proven their worth in other applications.
  • UV stability and colour-fastness to ensure the grass will not discolour and keep fresh and green for years to come.
  • Safety: no heavy metals, such as lead or zinc, or other substances in the raw materials. Our grass is 100% safe for its users.
  • Softness: even professional footballers can make safe sliding tackles on these fibers.

What our clients have to say

  • Sahara Gold


  • Pearl White

A New Addition To The Ecograss Family

Warmer than tiles in winter, pebble pearl is a more affordable, locally produced, eco-friendly, natural, pebble stone flooring product. It has a low carbon footprint creating a beautiful, seamless surface. It is a durable, non-skid, anti-skid floor and wall surface coating which is easy to clean and rejuvenate


No mowing, watering and fertilising

Ecograss SA Compliance

BBBEE Certificate Level 1

Amongst it's many credentials,
Ecograss SA (Pty) Ltd
is also the sole Distributor of ARS Grass
& ARS Sport in South Africa


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