FAQ – Artificial Grass

Is artificial grass suitable for small children?

Yes our grass is nice and soft. Small children will enjoy playing and crawling on it. And after a downpour, it will not remain wet for long. Also artificial grass isn’t slippery when wet. After a short time, the kids can go out again and play, and you won’t have to worry about them getting muddy or wet.

Should I allow dogs on my artificial grass lawn?

Your pets will love our artificial grass as well. You will find that your dogs really appreciate the clean and dry lawn when they stretch out on it. Dogs can play on artificial grass without a problem. Just make sure the grass cover is securely attached, so that it does not move, and that it has a durable supporting surface.


Royal Grass is dog-friendly and perfectly dog-proof, even if they accidentally answer nature’s call. The grass will not be discoloured by it. However, to maintain proper hygiene and prevent urine smell, you should rinse with water and remove any droppings before they are trodden into the lawn. After removal, rinse with clean water. Always remove hard dog droppings and make sure they are not pushed down into the artificial grass lawn. Obviously, the lawn should not be used as a dog walking area.


Does your dog often dig holes in your existing lawn? Make sure to keep a close eye on your dog for a while after installing the artificial grass lawn. Most dogs will stop digging since they no longer can smell the soil. Acquired behaviour is sometimes difficult to unlearn, but it is better for the life span of the turf not allow your dog to continue this behaviour.

Can I play sports on my artificial grass lawn?

Artificial grass sports fields were specially designed for that purpose. Football, for instance, requires a different type of grass than tennis. Sports grass does not necessarily have to look natural and can even be blue or orange in colour. Royal Grass artificial grass was developed for decorative purposes. Of course, you can play ball games on it if you like, or have your children romp around on it, but Royal Grass is not suitable for official sports purposes. This has to do with the requirements that playing fields have to meet.


A fall-safe artificial surface is artificial grass that is installed on top of a shock-absorbing foundation; artificial grass critical fall height. This is a requirement for playing equipment in public spaces, but more and more private individuals are also choosing to have a shock-absorbing mat installed under playing or climbing equipment.


Artificial turf comes in numerous types. The chemical composition of the synthetic materials used determines its level of skin friendliness and so if you will get burns of artificial grass. This is something we have learned from the sports industry (artificial turf for football). The synthetic material we use is the most sliding-friendly available and is pleasant to the touch, but naturally is not entirely comparable to the characteristics of natural grass.

How can I get my artificial grass standing straight again?

The difference in resilience is how you can tell if your artificial grass is of high quality or of lesser quality. Grass of good quality will simply recover after intensive use, for instance when you had a swimming pool on your lawn. Grass of lesser quality, however, usually becomes flat and remains flat; no matter what you try to do about it.

Yes, it certainly is. When you have put a heavy load on your lawn for a period of time, the grass fibers will lie flat. You can fix this by simply brushing the grass with a regular broom.
The fibers were only flat for a short period of time, but will rise and show themselves in their full glory. Your artificial lawn will look brand-new again.

That should not be a problem for quality grass. However, you should keep in mind that the longer the pool was on your artificial lawn, the more difficult it will be for the grass to recover completely. In these cases, it is recommended to brush the grass a second or even third time.

Of course, the size of the pool matters too. If you only have a small inflatable kids’ pool, your artificial lawn will not be affected that much.

The resilience of your artificial grass can be affected irreversibly when there is a heavy load on it for several years. Getting the fibers standing straight again will become more and more difficult.


Not at all. Just remember:

  • The fibers of grass of lesser quality will lie flat and remain flat even when the heavy load has been removed.
  • On the other hand, if your grass is of high quality, you can simply brush the fibers to get them standing straight again. Please note that there is a limit to this as well. Even grass of the highest quality will be affected by intensive use.

Why spread sand on artificial grass?

Decorative artificial grass has long blades ranging in height from 25mm to 45mm. Such blades of grass need support in order to stand up straight. In products without a thatch (synthetic moss or rootzone), this is achieved with the help of a layer of sand approx. 2cm deep. The photo is a close-up shot of Royal Grass Exclusive. You can see a layer of white sand with on top of it a layer of special brown sand to create the visual effect. There’s a big difference!

Using sand fill has a number of benefits. These benefits apply to all types of artificial grass, either with or without thatch.
  • One of the sand’s functions is to weigh down the artificial grass. The extra weight means that the grass stays in place and doesn’t need to be fixed in any other way.
  • The sand provides stability and protects the turf. As a result, no wrinkles or folds develop through use.
  • The sand also surrounds the long blades of artificial grass and ensures that they remain erect.
  • An additional benefit of filling with sand is that it helps make the grass more fire resistant, for example in case the barbecue is knocked over onto the grass.

Whichever type of artificial grass you choose, we would advise you always to use sand fill (except for indoor use).  Ultimately, it increases the lifespan of the artificial grass.

You probably won’t expect it, but your artificial lawn will really be more attractive with sand fill. Not only does sand help the fibres stand up straighter, but by brushing in the sand, the fibres come to stand in different positions, which looks more natural. This benefit becomes more obvious over time. It slows the process of your lawn becoming flattened through walking.
A special kind of sand is used for artificial grass. You mustn’t confuse this filling sand with ‘soil’. The sand is specially developed for this purpose.
  • The sand fill is clean and is not a nourishing substrate for weeds.
  • The sand fill doesn’t absorb water, so your lawn drains perfectly and dries quickly after a rain shower. It doesn’t turn to mud!
  • The sand is heavy. It doesn’t blow out of the grass. You can also simply use a leaf blower to remove leaves from the lawn.
  • You won’t have any problem with sand being walked out of the grass. It’s covered by the fibres.
  • Children can happily crawl on the grass without being bothered by the sand.
 Below are close-ups of the different types of artificial grass. You can imagine that in the case of grass without synthetic moss, sand is absolutely essential to keep the fibres standing up straight.

In the grass type with moss, you can see how the moss supports the grass fibres. You can also appreciate that every time the fibres are walked on, they’re ‘trodden flat’. A thin layer of sand prevents this to a great extent.

  • Royal Grass Exclusive 3.0, Urban and Velvet: ca. 20 kilo per m2
  • Royal Grass Silk25, Seda, Deluxe, Satin, Silk35, EcoSense, XL: ca. 5-10 kilo per m2.
Is artificial grass fire proof?

Fire and hot objects should be kept away from Royal Grass (or any other artificial grass brand). Royal Grass is made of a high-quality synthetic material that does not burn, but will melt when it comes into contact with fire and hot objects. With sand-filled artificial turf, the sand has an extinguishing effect and is fireproof.

Open fire and hot objects must be avoided on artificial grass. Royal Grass is made of high-grade synthetic fibers that do not catch fire but that will melt when coming into contact with hot objects. With normal use you don’t have to worry about your artificial lawn catching fire.

Open fire is dangerous when the artificial grass is exposed to it for a longer time.
As long as the grass is filled in with a layer of sand, the sand infill will prevent the fire from spreading and it actually will extinguish a fire. Only artificial grass with sand infill is tested to be fireproof!

How does an official grass lawn stand up against moles?

Do moles ever dig under artificial grass?

Moles do not like an artificial lawn and will not normally dig under it. Moles are attracted by food that they would normally find in top soil, the base of an artificial lawn isn’t the ideal environment for these food sources and so moles are rarely a problem.

However, if there was a mole in the old natural grass and that mole is not removed before the artificial turf is installed, it can cause a great deal of damage. The mole will ultimately surface above ground and dig under the artificial grass, causing it to collapse.

Are you installing artificial grass to an area known to have a mole problem, use a hard core/aggregate base that prevents the moles from tunnelling. Or use a  ‘mole barrier’ (hardware cloth).

How should artificial grass be maintained?

Cleaning: It is important to keep artificial turf clean. Remove any leaves, weeds and other debris immediately.

Brushing: The grass fibres tend to lay flat after usage. Periodically raking or brushing the fibres will remedy this.

Blowing away leaves: Keep the artificial turf clean using a normal leaf blower or vacuum cleaner blower. But make sure the sand in sand-filled artificial turf does not blow away.

Weed control: Keeping the artificial turf clean will prevent weed growth. Weeds can be easily removed by plucking, brushing or raking the grass. Make sure weeds are removed before they can take root, especially along the edges of the turf. A number of environmentally friendly products can be purchased at home improvement centres and garden centres that kill algae, moss and weeds directly. If the instructions are followed carefully, the artificial turf will not suffer any damage.

Chlorine: Artificial turf made with polyamide fibres (PA) may not come into contact with chlorine products, as this can discolour the fibres.

Can artificial grass be repaired?

Suppose something happens accidentally with my artificial grass, is repair possible? Such as replacing a melted patch?

Fortunately it is not common, but the greatest risk of damage is related to heat, causing melting spots on the grass.

Any damage to artificial grass can be repaired. The damaged piece of artificial turf is cut out and replaced by a new piece. It is therefore advisable to save any remnants of Royal Grass® left over after installation. These can be used for any repairs.

You must be aware of the fact that used artificial grass will look differently than new turf, even when it is the same product. You can compare this with normal carpet. A repair usually remains visible. Over time, this difference will be less and less visible.

Why buy artificial grass at an authorised dealer?

We advise you to buy artificial grass at an authorized Royal Grass dealer for the following reasons.

  • This is the only way we can assure you that you will get Royal Grass in your garden and not another inferior fake grass product. For an unexperienced person it very difficult to see the difference between artificial grass products when they are brand-new from the factory. After a while you will know, then you will see the difference between superior and inferior quality. Advice: If you prefer your own landscaping company to do the job, and it is not an authorized dealer, ask for confirmation of origin of the artificial grass. Make sure you get the quality in your garden you have paid for.
  • Royal Grass comes with an average of 8 year UV-warranty. Authorized dealers keep a track record of the artificial grass they sell and install. The sales figures are put down in our system and will be stored for at least 10 years.
  • When you choose for an artificial lawn, you are choosing for a complete package. Not just the top layer, but all the necessary materials have been developed and tested especially for Royal Grass. Our authorized dealers know that it is not advisable to use other glues, seam tape and filler material as advised by Royal Grass.
  • Installing artificial grass is a specialist job, a precise task, to be performed by an experienced installer. After all, you will be looking at your artificial lawn for many years. In choosing Royal Grass, you are choosing impeccable quality. But what’s the point of impeccable quality if it isn’t expertly laid? Precisely. Our dealers have the training, experience and tools to do a professional job.

Can I place a swimming pool on my artificial grass lawn?

Yes, you can place an inflatable pool on your artificial lawn without worry. After all, the grass will not discolour or die. However, the fibres will be flattened after having a heavy weight press down on them all summer. Brushing the fibres afterwards will return them to their upright position. When placing an inflatable pool, make sure that the foundation is strong enough to hold the extra weight!

How can I clean my artificial grass?

There is no such thing as a artificial grass cleaning guide because it is very easy. Melted ice cream, soft drinks and other sweet beverages can be easily cleaned off. Rinse with clean water afterwards. Remove any spilled food, clean and rinse with water. Chewing gum is a little trickier. Carefully remove the chewing gum with a spoon. This will be easier if you put some ice cubes on the spot first. This hardens the gum, making it easier to remove. Take care not to use just solvents, as these substances may harm your artificial grass.

Does artificial grass heat up in the sun?

Artificial grass has many benefits but indeed one drawback. It does heat up in the sun. Natural grass has a cooling effect, artificial grass does not. Again the comparison with pavement applies, as this also retains the sun’s heat.

However, artificial grass is very populair in countries with hot climates. The advantages of artificial grass – like water saving – does make up for the disadvantage of the higher temperature of the lawn.

What is the effect of artificial lawns for the environment?

Environmental considerations play an important role in the decision to use artificial grass. Artificial turf is kind on the environment. Installing artificial turf means no more mowing, fertilising, watering and, equally as important, no more chemicals for lawn upkeep. In the United States, a number of subsidy schemes are available to promote the use of artificial turf, largely due to the water savings achieved. The ban on plasticizers and heavy metals in the production of artificial grass is safeguarded by strict environmental standards (DIN 18035-7 concerning the leaching of heavy metals). Low maintenance: artificial grass does not grow and therefore does not need to be mowed with an electric mower. This results in zero energy costs and zero harmful emissions. Water savings: artificial grass does not need valuable drinking water. Sustainability: artificial grass has a long life span – depending, of course, on the quality chosen. Choosing a durable artificial grass product ultimately means less wastage and a reduced need for recycling. You may think if everybody has an artificial lawn, this may have a negative effect on the environment. Lucky for us, this is not true!


From an environmental perspective, the potential for water savings is probably the most significant benefit of artificial turf. Royal Grass needs no irrigation to stay green. The only water used on artificial lawn is to clean it, if necessary.


Since Royal Grass needs no regular chemical treatment, it eliminates a major source of groundwater pollution and human exposure to chemicals. For residential applications, an artificial lawn also offers the benefit of reducing the amount of chemicals (and dirt) tracked into homes.

Royal Grass’ chemical-free care may make it especially appropriate for children, because children spend more time than adults in close contact with grass, and they are affected more severely by contact with pesticides.


Royal Grass fibres do not contain any plasticizers or heavy metals, making this turf entirely safe for both people and the environment. We guarantee that the fibres comply with the strictest standards. There are no dangers known by having artificial grass in your garden.

Green stains? Tips from granny

Does this sound familiar? Your kids are wearing their brand new clothes or something straight from the washer. You’re ready to go to a party, but first your kids can play outside as long as they’ll be careful…

Before you know it, they’re back. Looking all sad.

They slipped and fell on the grass. Nothing serious, they’re not hurt. But then you see the green spots on the knees.


Of course, you understand. They’re young and you feel they should be able to play outside. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t rather annoying.

Don’t you agree?

The most frustrating thing is that those grass stains are hard to remove. And we mean extremely hard. Even granny wouldn’t know what to do about them.

With an artificial lawn there’s no risk of grass stains on the knees anymore. Your kids can wear their new outfits and you can let them can still play on the lawn, make slides, romp around or annoy the dog. Afterwards, your kids will still be able to go that party stain free!

Had artificial grass already been invented back in her days, surely granny would have known just how to handle grass stains: She would have said “Your own fault”. “You should have had artificial grass…”
Can I install artificial grass myself?


In certain applications it is possible to install artificial grass yourself; it cuts down on cost by installing the turf yourself but in this case you are also responsible for the quality of the installation.

The difficulty of the installation of artificial grass depends on the location and size of the surface. The first step is to prepare the supporting surface. The surface must be flat, stable and permeable to water.

It is often extremely easy to install artificial grass on a balcony because it is a small surface area and the grass can be cut from a single piece. Also, it has a flat surface onto which the artificial grass can be simply rolled out. In this case, you can easily have the artificial grass delivered to your home and do the installation yourself. All you need is a sharp Stanley knife.

Installing artificial turf yourself in your garden is slightly more complicated because the surface area can easily be very large. This means that seams will be required. Making seams is often tricky. It needs to be done carefully or the seams will show. Whether or not you can do this yourself depends on your skills.

If it is a larger installation you need to make seams; there is specialised glue and jointing tape required. To install yourself you will need to follow certain guidelines which vary depending upon the surface you are covering and planned use. View our videos about how to install artificial grass or download our DIY manual.

In choosing Royal Grass, you are choosing impeccable quality. But what’s the point of impeccable quality if it isn’t expertly installed? We recommend have a professional install your artificial grass. This way, you can be sure of the best possible results and that you will be able to enjoy a beautifully laid green lawn for many years to come.

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