Royal Grass Range

Royal artificial lawnRoyal Grass Wave is the newest product in the Royal Grass family. With a blade height of 36mm, these fibres are slightly shorter than those of Royal Grass Sense. This makes Royal Grass Wave the ideal type of artificial grass when you are looking for turf that looks like it has been mowed only a couple of days ago.

Wave is perfect for intensively used gardens with children, pets and ball games.

Royal Fake GrassAre you looking for artificial grass with a wild and untamed look? Then Royal Grass Sense is the ideal product for you. With its 35mm length, the turf is long and lush. Combined with the natural growth direction, this gives the turf the uncut appearance of a field of grass in open nature.

Royal Grass Sense is ideal for decorative lawns not used intensively by children or pets.

Fake grass 25mm Royal Grass Silk 25mm

Royal Grass Artificial Lawn DolceRoyal Grass Dolce 20mm

Eco Leisure Range

30mm-artificial-grassEco-Leisure 30mm

Eco Leisure Fake GrassEco Leisure 25mm

Eco Leisure Multi 16mmEco Multi 16mm

DIY-10mm-artificial-grassDIY 10mm

  • Every fibre has a natural direction

  • Beautiful from every viewing angle

  • Less stiff and forced

  • Easier to connect the seams

  • Perfect for the most beautiful gardens and lawns

Artificial grass fibres with a will of their own

ReaDY® is the acronym for Realistic Directional Yarn. In practice, this means that every fibre has its realistic own direction in which it stands.

With ReaDY®, the fibres are literally standing in all directions. This gives our artificial turf a completely different look from other products with fibres that all have the same growth direction.

Looking closely at a natural grass lawn, you will see that not every blade of grass points in the same direction.

With ReaDY® technology, Royal Grass has succeeded in mimicking this distinctive characteristic of natural grass. Now artificial turf has a realistic look. ReaDY® technology therefore makes artificial turf look wild and natural.

Royal Grass has four beautiful types of artificial grass in its collection that have been made with this innovative ReaDY® technology.

The development of ReaDY®

Royal Grass strives to create artificial grass that looks as natural as possible. To achieve this, we are continuously conducting research into the specific characteristics of natural grass. These characteristics are subject to microscopic examination so we can mimic them as faithfully as possible. Over the years, this has led to various innovations, such as the V shape®, MiNT® technology and now ReaDY®.

Not ReaDY®?

Do you prefer artificial grass with a sleeker look? Then take a look at the extensive Royal Grass product range, which includes a variety of style choices:

Our Revolutionary ReaDY Technology

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